How can I install CEML?
pip install ceml

See Installation for more information.

Under which license is ceml released?

MIT license - See License.

How can I cite CEML?

You can cite CEML by using the following BibTeX entry:

        author = {André Artelt},
        title = {CEML: Counterfactuals for Explaining Machine Learning models - A Python toolbox},
        year = {2019 - 2021},
        publisher = {GitHub},
        journal = {GitHub repository},
        howpublished = {\url{https://www.github.com/andreArtelt/ceml}}

Please consider citing CEML if it helps you in your research.

Is citing CEML mandatory?

No, of course not. But it is best practice to cite everything you have used (literature as well as software).

How can I submit a bug report?

Go to Github and create a new issue.

Please provide a detailed description of the bug and how to reproduce it.

How can I contribute?

Go to Github and create a new pull request.

Note: Make sure that your code fits into ceml. Your code should follow the code style and design/architecture of ceml.

Can you implement a particular method/algorithm?


Go to Github and create a new issue. I will take a look at it and let you know whether/when I will/can implement this.

Where can I learn more about the computation of counterfactual explanations?

Please take a look at the section Theoretical background on the computation of counterfactual explanations.